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The Love for School Dance Flowers from an American Fork Flower Shop

Updated: Mar 27

students jumping for joy for preference school dance
Photo: Debbie Oborn

I love my job! Today, I've been thinking about all the High School dance orders I've had the honor to fulfill.

When I decided to stick my proverbial toe in the water to see if I could make a "go" of floral design, I had five school dance orders from American Fork High School. Wow, was I excited?! I lovingly hand-delivered each order to their house from my American Fork flower shop so I could start making an in-person connection. The next dance, I had a few more, then a few more, and so on.

a girl and boy dressed in black with pink shoes and pink corsage going to prom

These amazing, hard-working, loving moms who contact me for their high schoolers to order flowers in Utah County have spread the love by referrals in neighborhoods, friends, and family members. I now have many repeat customers from different high schools like American Fork, Lone Peak, Pleasant Grove, Lehi, Skyridge, and West Lake. I'm enjoying seeing younger siblings move up the ranks to be the "dating" high schooler as the previous one has graduated and moved on to perhaps the marrying stage, which comes all too quickly for parents.

prom dance date

Interacting with the students and parents has been one of my favorite parts of being a floral designer. I set out to give back to my community by keeping boutonnieres and corsages affordable. For the student who pays for it themselves to the parents, single moms, and single dads who are paying for the entire date. However, keeping it affordable does not mean I scrimp on beauty. I do not!! I make a little somethin' somethin' for my time, but ultimately, my reward is knowing it is appreciated and the friendships I have made because of it!

students dancing
Photo: Debbie Oborn

My new online store for dance orders is quick and easy to navigate and also allows each person to customize their order, all while keeping control of a budget. The order is received and fulfilled by the designated day and time. Each boutonniere and or corsage is hand-made with care, as for each order, and placed in its box and labeled as it waits for its wearer to enjoy throughout the evening of fun, laughter, and plenty of dancing. I love and appreciate each order. Each time I see these cute young people having a great time through Instagram and Facebook posts all while sporting one of my pretties is a smile that spreads from ear to ear.

girl in black dress with pink shoes and pink corsage

Some people ask how I can make money by keeping costs low. Maybe I don't make a ton, but I wanted to do this for the students. It is my personal choice. Not for the accolades or to pat myself on the back but to help out a little in this tough world. To help out the student who is paying for everything by working hard and trying to get good grades at the same time. I remember when my kids were in high school. I look back now and wonder how we got through it all. There are no secrets or sets of instructions. Ya, just do it. For me, it's just "a thing" I wanted to do for the high schoolers. It's just my thing.

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