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A Utah Floral Inspiration

sunflower flower arrangement
Sunflower Topiary, made in Chad's class in 2018.

Holy crud, I'm blogging again! I was thinking about my Utah floral mentor, Chad Wright of Wright Flower Company, who passed away earlier this week from a long battle with cancer. I was thinking about the blessing I had to learn from him. He was gifted with the ability to bring flowers to a level few florists will ever experience. I was able to certify twice with Chad, but there is so much more I could have learned.

flower arrangement
Minimalistic Modern Arrangement, made in Chad's class in 2018.

When the training wheels came off and I was on my own, Chad was never too busy to offer assistance or advice when needed. He would say, "Come by the shop, and I'll help you." Each class was exciting to me and had hands-on instruction that was critiqued and given time to fix and improve. He was a gifted teacher to many students of all ages. I was always the oldest in the classes, but I never felt out of place. Because of Chad, I have knowledge that no one can ever take from me. Thank you, Chad; you inspired me to keep going and never question myself, though sometimes I still question my ability.

I plan to continue learning from many gifted florists and flower teachers. There is so much more to learn. I can never get enough. Chad's light will forever shine with me. Because of my beliefs, I know Chad is in a better place and free from pain. This life is short. He will be reunited with his family one day, and all will be made right again.

Bridal bouquet
Cascading Bridal Bouquet, made in Chad's class in 2018.

My Utah Floral Blessings

As I was thinking about Chad this week, I was also thinking about all the people I have met since starting my Utah Floral design business and all that comes with it.

  • The brides, the young kids who come to pick up their dance orders, the people at Red Mountain Utah floral distributor, the beautiful local flower farmers from Utah Flower Market, and so many more.

  • The ups and downs, the hours of designing, and everything that goes into completing an order.

  • The lost sleep because I'm thinking and worrying about wanting to ensure every design is perfect.

Man, what a blessing this has been for me. I love it; I love every minute of it. I crave it. I look forward to getting my hands on flowers, cleaning them, and preparing each stem to assume its rightful place in a bridal bouquet, corsage, boutonniere, flower crown, or vase arrangement. Each flower seed has been blessed by God and sent on its journey to land in its final place, bringing happiness and joy to those who possess it. I am grateful to be a small part of that journey, and I hope my small part will continue for a long time.

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