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The Diary of a Utah Florist

Bride and Groom holding hands
Lauryn + Tommy, Photographer: Justin Allen Photography
woman smiling looking at flowers
Nickee Ewell, Owner of Blossoms and Twine, Utah Florist

I grew up the youngest of four children with a single mom trying to do the best she could in a very dysfunctional family. I never wanted to be a bother to my mom, so I was quiet all the time. I never expressed myself or let others know when life was tough for me. So, being a Utah florist and business owner in this day and age has been a huge new step for me. I've had to put myself "out there" and be the face of my business for others to see.

I'm here to say it is hard but rewarding. Opening Blossoms and Twine as a Utah florist has been amazing! The people I have met on this journey have given me confidence and a sense of self-worth. I am 62 years old and have always loved working with flowers. Starting a Utah florist home business this late in life comes with many feelings of inadequacy. A feeling of "I'm too old to do this," or "no one will take me seriously," or "I can't do this right." Thankfully, I have found many Utah florist friends and mentors whom I have looked up to and called upon for advice. Thankfully, one can never learn too much; age is just a number.

So, may I say that 2023 was my year of growth both in my personal life and especially in my Utah florist business. 2023 brought weddings upon weddings. It brought brides that have become special memories and even special friends. I think of those brides/friends often and wish I could do it all over again for them. I have learned from them, so I can do better and better with each new wedding I am blessed to design.

No one person can do it all by themselves. I am fortunate to have family support that holds no limitations. I have a special daughter/business partner who lifts me when I'm down and constantly tells me, "You got this," Mom. She is my social media expert because I would be lost in today's technical world without her.

Bride and Groom pink and white bridal bouquet
Claire + Joey

I'm also blessed to have another daughter who lends her support by being able to call upon her when I need another hand to help with wedding installs. I'm happy she loves helping, and I appreciate her eye for design and love it when she says, "I'm so proud of you, Mom."

Starting this blog is another first for me, and I made it through, Yay! I'll keep working on my Utah florist business, and I'll keep spreading the "love" through flowers, and perhaps I'll keep blogging. Bring on 2024 Utah weddings!

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I love this so much! I can’t wait to see what you post next. I have loved getting to know you at the Utah Flower Market. You have been so amazingly supportive of local flowers! Thank you!!!! But now I feel like I’m really getting to know you. Thank you for sharing this with us! You truly are amazing at what you do!!!!

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Thank you so much for reading my blog. It’s really hard to put myself “out there” I’m super private and would rather sit back and view the world and people around me. Nevertheless, if I only sat back and watched I would never meet wonderful people like you!! Thank you, my friend, for reading and thank you for bringing your beautiful flowers to market so I can design. You make my world beautiful!!


Nickee is the absolute sweetest and kindest person on the face of the earth! She has been my dearest friend for-ev-er. I always look forward to any occasion to have her create her floral artwork for my family and friends. I love that she is willing to go out of the box with my crazy ideas. Any bride would be blessed to have Blossoms and Twine! I’m looking forward to reading more of her blog. She’s my inspiration.

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awwww Nancy you are too sweet. I so appreciate your support and your ideas that you give me when designing a flower arrangement. I love when you bring me something out of the ordinary and say “here you go, now design” thank you for trusting me. You lift my day every time we talk or get together. Thank you for being YOU 🥰

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